The Rural House “El Olivar de Valdefuentes” lies in the municipality of Valdefuentes Caceres, and is located in the region of the Sierra de Montánchez and Tamuja.

The house is excellently located within the region, about 30 miles away from Caceres, Trujillo, and about 50 kilometers from Merida.

The address is:

C/ Regajo Nº13
Valdefuentes - 10180
GPS: 39º16’N, 6º7’W

Location's map:

The name refers to the many natural sources that existed in this valley: “VALLIS FONTIUM”. The village belonged to the Order of Santiago until on the sixteenth century the population was donated by Philip II to D. Alvaro de Sande, with the title of “marquesado”. The parish has two churches:

  • The church of “Nuestra Señora de Bienvenida”: that is surrounded by the district Gurumeña, primitive nucleus of the population.
  • The Convent (known as "El pequeño Escorial")

The town has a size of 26.91 km2 with a population of about 1,600 inhabitants.

The municipality has:

  • 24h carefully Medical Center
  • Pharmacy
  • Supermarkets and grocery stores
  • ATM 24 h
  • Public transport (bus line)


  • Convent of the Augustinian Recollects
  • Church of “Nuestra Señora de la Bienvenida”
  • Palace of Marqués de Sande
  • The Roll
  • Bridges Romans Salor Bridge, The New Bridge, El Puente del Rivero./font>
  • Chapel of the Magdalene
  • Other notable monuments

Celebrations, traditions and celebrations:

  • The Feast in honor of the patron “Nuestra Señora la Virgen de Bienvenida” (August 15th).
  • The Fair in honor of the patron St. Augustin (August 28). Known in the area is its cattle fair.
  • Los Quintos (Traditional festival where youth people entering fifth that year have fun with friends and family, taking the completion with dancing around a bonfire after Christmas dinner).
  • Agricultural-Food Fair, better known as Cheese Fair (A weekend in the first half of March). It aims at enhancing the resources of the town and has become the party of reference for all locals and outsiders. During the three days there are booths with food and drink representing typical municipality. There are also regional dances and tasting products.
  • Pilgrimage of Magdalene (Monday following Easter Sunday).
  • Other Events: Carnivals, “Cachetía” in Santos.